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All users will have to agree and consent to these terms prior to taking a photo.

Terms of Use:

Notice and Consent:
Our skin analysis service provider may collect, capture, store, use, receive or otherwise obtain a scan of your face or any data or information based on the scan of your face or any data and information which may include your face geometry (“biometric data”) for the purpose of providing you with a personalized skincare recommendation experience.

In order to provide the skin analysis service, you acknowledge that your action of checking this box and agreeing to our terms of use constitutes express consent for Skin by Dr. Sethi and its service provider to process your biometric data according to the Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Your biometric data will be stored on our server, Skin by Dr. Sethi for the purposes of providing you with a skincare report and deleted  24 hours after your use of the virtual try-on and skincare report experience is completed.

SKIN Scan by Dr. Simran Sethi